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short ambient audio-focused game about a mouse

headphones recommended, stop and listen


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qaam.exe 176 MB


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This was an amazing experience for my evening. I can see a lot of the development team really put some soul into this game. I loved exploring the micro-verse of our beloved mouse friend, however I began to see a massive amount of human stories in this game afterwards. The fighting from under the floorboards, the  hopeless paper crumpling in his hands (2 more weeks) , and the late night developing and working on a free project which could be received in literally any way.  This was wonderful to play because it has such fluidity about it in both the music and artistic design. People love to play these kinds of games because it gives them more perspective outside of oneself. I couldn't say anything eloquently besides" THIS IS SO GOOD" because this game inspires such awe.  I loved this game, and it truly speaks volumes for itself. Wonderful work everyone, truly!



thanks! glad you enjoyed it